Deceased Parents Home Foreclosure

– My deceased father’s house is now in foreclosure due to my brother’s using a foreged deed to "super" mortgage the house before my father was even dead. Is it possible to stop the foreclosure?. My parents home is in a Living Trust. Both are now deceased.. What is a deceased foreclosure and can it be used if there are three names on the.

Last update: 2/9/19. heirs, Including Siblings, Forcing The Sale Of Inherited Real Property. In Florida, when a parent or other family member passes away owning real estate and he/she is the only owner or the only surviving owner, the property, whether it is the family home or the family vacation property, becomes part of the deceased parent’s probate estate.

Although most home loans contain a due-on-sale or acceleration clause that allows a lender to demand immediate and full payment upon transfer or sale of the home, transfers due to death are exempt. This means your heirs would take on your home loan with the same interest rate and payment you have.

I have a question about Foreclosure on a home of a deceased parent.? Three years ago my mother in law died. leaving a over mortgaged home. The home is worth only about 10,000, with all the problems it has, however her loan is through citifinantial and is over 40,000.

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You have a great variety of responsibilities as the court-appointed executor of an estate, including property management. If property of the deceased is in foreclosure, you must deal with the matter as soon as possible as you have a legal obligation to pay estate creditors and protect the deceased’s assets.

Selling deceased parents’ home | Legal Advice – Selling deceased parents’ home. My mother passed away almost a year ago. Her house was paid off but there is a no interest loan that is to be paid after her death or at the sale of the property. How death affects foreclosure proceedings? – Mortgagefit – How death affects foreclosure.

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